Pagima Green Grass Seed


Pagima Green pure, totally, natural grass seed

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Pagima Green, a full nutrient grass seed that brings extra variation to your birds' daily diet.

Pagima Green keeps your birds healthy by stimulating the bowel more effectively, leading to better digestion. Pagima green is also believed to strengthen your birds natural resistance to all kinds of infections.

It is rich in vitamins and fibre, smells appetizing and is very tasty.

What is Pagima Green?

This high quality grass seed was discovered as a result of intensive observation of the natural feeding habits of many different kinds of birds.

Pagima green is a full nutrient grass seed and reaches your birds straight from the field.

Pagima green is a high quality seed known to have a high natural resistance to plant diseases. The quality of other grass seeds just does not compare with Pagima green, they have generally been processed and have lost their nutritional kernel. Pagima green however has a full-nutrient kernel, is not processed in any way and is very wholesome. It is a premium quality seed.

Feeding instructions.

Pagima green is a grass seed that can be fed in unlimited quantities.

Ensure that your birds eat as much as they need.

Pagima green should be seen as a beneficial complement to your current seed mix.

Your birds will experience at first hand that Pagima green is the right, all-season seed to achieve optimum nutritient balance.

Comes in bags of 750g APPROX